Todd and Cookie’s Epic 3 Song Starter Pack + Episode 1 – Catapult of Destiny Cartoon


Get on board, step inside, soarin’ on a magic ride.
Roarin’ towards the other side where only rainbows hide.
On the Great Space Coaster (Oh-oh oh)

The lines above are part of the theme song from one of my favorite childhood TV shows, The Great Space Coaster. Each episode took place on an inhabited asteroid (Coasterville) and followed the story of 3 musicians who were brought there by a space coaster. Along the way, they met new friends in the form of zany puppet characters. I think I might be part of a small population who remembers this show, but it was a classic. It was adventurous and totally off-the-wall funny for its time!

This brings me to the latest pairing of kindie rockstars whose debut project brings me the same kind of joy. Todd McHatton and Mista Cookie Jar (CJ Pizarro), or simply put, Todd and Cookie, recently debuted their first mini album, Todd and Cookie’s Epic 3 Song Starter Pack, along with a world premiere of their cartoon, The Great Adventures of Todd and Cookie. Episode 1, called “World of Rock,” illustrates how the two rockstars are catapulted to destiny when a mysterious creature asks, “Anybody wanna rock?” You’ll have to watch to see how this story unfolds. It’s a truly visionary experience that promises to take you on a magical, mystical adventure unlike anything the kindie world has ever seen!

The pairing of Todd and Cookie  is not something people might have predicted or expected, but together they complement each other very well. In fact, the parallels between the two, is what I am most impressed by. Their sound is overflowing with authenticity, creativity and a unique sense of humor. They regularly stretch the boundaries of their imaginations, creating compelling experiences for their audience. And they also incorporate family as an essential part in each of their respective careers.

McHatton is a puppeteer and an artist whose cartoon drawings can be seen on his album covers and throughout his videos. He is well-known for his wildly popular single “I Think I’m A Bunny,” featuring daughter Hazel and lovable purple puppet, Marvy Monstone.

Pizarro is a master rhymer and lyricist with a whole vocabulary of his own. Typically, as Mista Cookie Jar, he performs with The Chocolate Chips which feature the supporting vocals of his step-daughter, Ava Flava. MCJ, known for his retro fashion and diverse musical style, has produced many popular singles including “Inner Rock Child” and “Lover Not A Fighter.”

Each track on Todd and Cookie’s Epic 3 Song Starter Pack delivers a concoction of sounds that blend the softness of Todd’s dreamy, psychedelic sound with Cookie’s groovy, hip hop sensibilities. My favorite tune, “All These Magical Things,” has a nice melodic flow while “HotchToozZee” is a hodgepodge of fun. The album ends with “Your My Bestest Bro” which is an ode to Todd and Cookie’s relationship and could easily be the theme song for The Great Adventures of Todd and Cookie.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! The duo will be releasing web comics & cartoons every 3 months chronicling Todd and Cookie as they explore the catapult of destiny! You can receive updates by following their site as well as their YouTube channel.

Listen to and purchase the tunes from Todd and Cookie’s Epic 3 Song Starter Pack through the Bandcamp widget below. Recommended for ages 4 -8.

View This: Mista Cookie Jar – Inner Rock Child

We are really diggin’ the new song and video for “Inner Rock Child” from Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips‘ Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution album.  The song is a direct thank you to all the chocolate chip fans around the world, which is explicitly stated in the beginning of the song and especially evident in the repeated mantra of “we heart you/and we mean it/we heart you/you all stars you/you’re all stars” and then later on with “…we feel so grateful….we thank you thank you thank you…”  It’s so catchy that I find myself singing the chorus “We heart you!” at the most random times; like waking up in the middle of the night after drinking too much water before bed and BAM the next thing I know I’m singing it.  Or, while washing the dishes, there it is again and I’m even singing out loud and dancing a little bit this time. But, it’s all good.  It’s not the kind of song that gets in your head and you have to listen to it just to get it out of your head.  It’s the kind of song that you want to listen to over and over because it’s so much fun to sing and compels you to get up and bounce right along.

The video is a technicolor love fest featuring MCJ’s adorable kids and the rest of The Chocolate Chips rapping, singing and dancing.  There’s even a gorilla playing a pink guitar, known as Mr. Gorilla.

Throughout the song, Mista Cookie Jar refers to the love bubble and in the beginning of Inner Rock Child he even says “y’all be the reason it’s love bubble season.”  In his own words, Mista Cookie Jar explains “The Bubble itself is an imaginary forcefield that protects and guides the inner-child. It is strengthened by the collective love in a village. As a child gives back that love, the bubble grows.”  Illustrating this idea of a love bubble, several segments of the video are shot through a fish-eye lens creating the illusion that the MCJ crew is actually broadcasted from inside a bubble.  Although, the overall vibe of the video feels more like the inside of a disco ball.

“Inner Rock Child” is likely to be enjoyed by kiddos 12 and under although the lyrics are so fast they may not catch most of what Mista Cookie Jar is saying.   So, if you are seeking a more educational song this may not be your bag, however, the music is enjoyable enough that it is sure to get little bodies moving.  Em digs it and every time she hears it her foot starts tapping and a big smile crosses her face as she sings along with The Chocolate Chips.  Moreover, according to the song’s lyrics the song is “Infinitely young in touch with magic wonderful and wild.  Ages 1 to 101, no stopping…the smile.  Always with unending style. Rocking for the inner child.”

The song can be sampled and downloaded for $1.00 by clicking on the “Buy” link below.  It’s also available on iTunes here.

Lyrics to the song can be found here which help decode the speedier parts of the song.  Or, in my case, answers for when I’m asked what they’re singing about.

Video courtesy of You Tube