Weekly Re-cap: April 29, 2012

Since a few songs seem to be in heavy rotation this week, I thought I’d end the week with a Top 5.  This not only includes songs that E enjoys but songs I enjoy as well.  Both kids and parents deserve it!

Reviews on the entire albums related to these songs are on the way!  I would encourage you, in the meantime, to check out the artists and take a listen if you can.

The songs are listed in random order and have no correlation to number of plays.

1.  Butterfly Boucher – I’m Different
I found a video on YouTube which was not created by the artist, but the artist did comment on it.  The song itself can get a bit tedious (especially once your 3yr old decides it’s fabulous while also learning how to replay it on the iPod at the same time).  however, it’s quite upbeat and catchy on first listen.  The best part is that it carries a great message letting kids know it’s ok (and quite fun!) to be different.

You can also listen to the track here and view a fanmade video below.

2.  Todd McHatton – I Think I’m a Bunny
Adorable vid and very singable song.  E had the lyrics down VERY shortly after hearing the song and smiles every time she hears it, as do I.

3.  Elizabeth Mitchell – Little Bird Little Bird
From the You Are My Little Bird album (track #4).  Below is a sweet little YouTube video but you can also sample (sans video) and buy the album from her website here.

4.  Kira Willey – Underneath the Rainbow
From her latest album Kings & Queens of the Forest.  You can listen to a snippet of the track here as well as get to know and purchase her album from her website Fireflies.

5.  Robbie Schaeffer – LaLaLove
As Robbie puts it “A new single in honor of, and inspired by, the OneVoice project of the same name. Featuring the Vienna Elementary School 5th Grade Choir!”  Take a listen here.

Honorable Mentions

1.  Caspar Babypants – Buckeye Jim and Mister Rabbit 
Really anything Caspar Babypants needs to be heard and is heard ALOT in our home.  Enjoy both tracks on the artist’s website or here as well as the video for Mister Rabbit below from You Tube.  Also, their new album is OUT and you can grab a sample listen to it here.  Elizabeth Mitchell also does a great rendition of Buckeye Jim which you can listen to here.

2.  Kira WilleyCaterpillar Caterpillar

3.  The AlphabeticiansMetaphor

4.  Yo Gabba GabbaAll My Friends Are Different

Phew..That was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Looking back it seems like this week was a little mellow for us.

If there are songs that you enjoyed this week, I’d love to hear about it!

Check It Out: Elizabeth Mitchell – You Are My Sunshine

“So glad I’m Here Every Day” is how this album first opens up and, frankly, that is really how I feel when I listen to this album. And really anything that Elizabeth Mitchell produces. She has such a sweet way of luring me and my daughter into every word she sings. It’s beautiful music.

Although this is her second release, and she has done several releases and projects since then, I decided to review this album first since I am new at reviewing and it was my very first love, er listen, to Elizabeth Mitchell.  Plus, we have been listening to it a lot lately.

This album is wonderful in so many ways. First off, it covers various styles of music and is diverse enough that parents may just find themselves listening to and/or singing songs from this album when the kids are not around. And not just because those darn kids songs don’t leave our heads, but because they are cool enough to be a part of the grown-up community.  The tempo of the album starts off upbeat and slowly winds down with some great folk numbers.

Let’s start with the alphabet song. Yes, you’ve heard and sung this a million times, but when it’s put into a hip, dub-reggae composition such as Mitchell has done here it works, and works really well.  Then there is the fun Bo Diddley which is set to the tune of Bow Wow’s “I Want Candy.”  Brings back such memories for me.  I still remember my Dad coming home with their LP.

The album contains a number of covers the likes of which include Ladybug Picnic, featured on Sesame Street and 3 is the Magic Number from The Magic School Bus. There are also other covers like Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad which was sung by likes of Woody Guthrie and even the Grateful Dead.

I have several favorites on this album but instead of listing them here, I would just urge you to visit her site, listen to her album and get into the groove.

You can get to know Elizabeth Mitchell at her site You Are My Flower and even listen to the album (and others) here.

This album probably works best for kids under 6.  It’s been a toddler favorite in our household since E was a teeny little monster at 1.5 yrs old.  Enjoy!