I grew up listening to music all the time, whether my Father was bringing home records, listening to the radio on car trips or on the beach listening to Top 40 hits.  Music was a huge part of my life growing up and I made it a point to see as many shows as I could as I grew up.  Then I had a daughter and suddenly my life was flooded with underwhelming children’s songs which I repeated thousands of times a day.  I felt completely out of the loop and didn’t have much time to stay up on top of what was cool in the adult world.

At a very early age my daughter loved music and would get herself over to our CD player and ask for us to play something.  She would dance around each time we put something on and would be overjoyed.  So I started to do some research and found some more artists that were making quality kids music that sounded like adult music.  Even adult artists were doing double time making music for kids and their grown-ups to enjoy.

My daughter has always been very active and when we play music she goes into a zone and gets really into it, trying to play along with her own instruments.  She loves to dance and jump and make up her own dance moves.  She wants to know what the lyrics mean, what instruments are being played and has learned so much through what she hears. The fact that we can share this kind of passion together is something I truly treasure.

The kids music world has grown so much in the last several years and I am constantly impressed with the quality of music made for families, not just kids.  In fact, I frequently find myself listening on my own, without my daughter, because it’s just that good.

I hope to bring the same joy to you and your family through the treasures I find, review and present through this site.  Perhaps you can find a way to play along and create your own sweet dance moves along the way!

Keep on groovin’,


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  1. Hi Rebecca.. I’ve been receiving your news letter KIDS CAN GROOVE for quite a while now. I love what your site does for all kids artists and music fans.Wonder if you’d be kind enough to listen to “Bounce & Boogie” by Greg & Steve. This is our 19th album over more than 3 decades. We are well known in the educational market. Here is a link:


    Your audience my want to know about the Educational market. People like Ella Jenkins and Hap Palmer… as well as Greg & Steve… have been making great children’s music for many years. The general public may not be aware of these acts.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Hello Greg! So wonderful to hear from you. I am glad you are enjoying my blog and that it is reaching the right audience. I do agree with you about putting more educational music on my site. I believe that it is just as important for kids to be exposed to basic rhythm and interactive/participatory experiences through music. I am thrilled about the kindie movement but also very much appreciate what educationally based music can do for kids. I also think many artists work to combine the two. I am glad you wrote and will definitely take a listen to your album. I am familiar with some of your work and follow you on twitter. I like the articles you post! I plan on adding more of the types of artists you mentioned to my site. I’d also like to incorporate world music and making musical instruments that represent different cultures. Thanks again for writing! I always appreciate feedback and suggestions.

  2. Me too. I love having the opportunity to connect with other kindie appreciators and share in the talent through your site Rebecca. I look forward to meeting you in person in Philly!


  3. Great to find your thoughtful blog/site about children’s music, in all its wonderful variety. There is as much variety in children’s music now as there is in the adult world. There are blurred lines between “educational,” “folk,” “kindie,” and other terms that we like to use to categorize things, I believe. There have been great musicians for children for MANY years but only with the advent of the internet are people able to find them all! I belong to The Children’s Music Network and love connecting with the many artists who feel called to work with children. Thank you for all the work you are doing!

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