Check It Out: Mr. Ray – The Classroom Collection – Best Of…

This morning was another gloomy one  with nothing but clouds and promise of rain.  Yuck.  I hate those mornings.  I like a bit of sunshine with my coffee and busy toddler.  As usual, we went to turn on music and I was instantly racking my brains for some good music that we haven’t listened to a million times over.  I decided to browse around for some new music and came across Mr. Ray’s Best Of….The Classroom Collection.  Presto!  It was just the right amount of happy that we needed to get the morning started.  Mr. Ray has a very catchy way of hooking you into bobbing up down and snapping.  His songs are more than catchy and speak to important themes such as sharing, waiting your turn, cleaning up and using your manners (which is a dub inspired tune reminding our children to say ‘please’).  And, for those passionate about acronyms (I will never forget the Every Good Boy Does Fine acronym from my piano lesson days) there is a tune about a boy named Roy G Biv whose name stands for the colors of the rainbow of course.  And who doesn’t love learning about a rainbow.  You and your child will love bopping up and down and maybe even skipping to Mr. Ray’s infectious kindie (that’s Indie + Kids) grooves.

Bio: A jersey rocker turned kindie rocker when he was invited to perform for kids at his wife’s preschool.  After performing a couple of songs for the kids, he instantly became Mr. Ray.  Mr. Ray has an extensive rock bio including playing and touring with Meatloaf, playing with Springsteen and Bon Jovi, and even getting to play for the United Nations in NYC.  His passion for the last several years has been playing for kids under the age of 8 and has been loving it.

This just might be a case where I end up stealing from my daughter’s music chest.

You can find Mr. Ray here
You can listen to clips here