In Memorium: Robin Williams in “Never Had A Friend Like Me” from Aladdin

The passing of Robin Williams has prompted many touching posts through social media and on different sites throughout the internet. I am still processing my own thoughts and feelings regarding this unfortunate event and will likely update this post at a later point in time. One thing I keep going back to is how much emotion I always saw in his eyes and heard in his voice as he brought his characters to life. Despite what he might have been feeling inside, one thing is for sure, that man lit up like the sun anytime he was given a chance to fill the air with laughter.

Similar to many of you, one of my most favorite characters was the genie in Aladdin. Genie showcases many of Robin’s talents, and because music has a powerful way helping us process our own emotions, it feels right to publish “Never Had A Friend Like Me” as a toast to such an accomplished and inspiring individual.

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