My letter to First Grade and a song…

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First Grade, how did you get here so fast? I knew you would arrive eventually, and I admit that I was secretly impatient about the fact that you might have been taking too long to get here…at times. But, now you’re here and though I’m glad, I’m also feeling the bittersweet pain of what it means to let my little big girl go.

Today is her second day with you and she insisted on being dropped off curbside. She actually gave me a stink face and growled when I suggested walking her to her homeroom (the school is like a maze!). I know her confidence and drive for independence. You really can’t mess with the fury behind those animalistic tendencies. So, I let her go. I managed to chuckle to myself while watching her bouncing down the sidewalk with her life-size backpack on. I even yelled out “Have a rockstar day!” because I’m a super cool mom like that. And really, First Grade, you deserve a proper welcome.

I was happy and proud of her until she just about turned the corner… She stopped, turned around, blew me several kisses, wrapped her arms around herself and pointed at me emphatically mouthing, “for you.” She then tucked some papers under her arm and made a heart with her hands. It took all I had not to run to her and hold on to her for just one more minute (maybe even one more day), but I was strong. I mustered up the biggest smile and echoed back all of love, infinity x 100.

As we both headed on our way, I got back into the car and turned on the radio, which was still tuned to Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live. The following song, by some incredible coincidence, is what greeted me and was a reassuring friend throughout the entire drive home.

So, First Grade, here we are. I promised I wouldn’t cry but your powers are strong. Take care of my big girl and I look forward to our many adventures with you throughout this school year.

3 thoughts on “My letter to First Grade and a song…

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