World Premiere Video: “Dah Day” – Baze and His Silly Friends


Have you ever wondered what your child’s dreams are like? When my daughter was a toddler it always seemed like she would go to bed and wake up the next morning with a new skill or string of vocabulary words. We used to joke about what her brain might have been doing while she was asleep. Would she wake up speaking a new language? Start walking and make herself breakfast?! Or were her dreams filled with rainbows and butterflies? We could only imagine!

Today, I am proud to present the world premiere for “Dah Day” the third video from the The Best Day Ever! by Baze and his Silly Friends.

“Dah Day” is a swirling, psychedelic adventure featuring the voice of Cole, Marc Bazerman’s (“Baze”) son, when he was just 1 year old. To create the song, Baze followed Cole around, capturing various vocalizations and sounds during playtime. At the same time, Baze was curious about what Cole might be seeing in his dreams, which ultimately inspired him to further develop his vision for this video. Animated by Tony LaRocca (Egotistical Productions), “Dah Day” brings to life all of Cole’s favorite toys, including his teddy bear, his guitar and Otay, his beta fish and blends them into a surreal, technicolor dance. It’s pretty much what the best dream ever might look like!

Want to hear more by Baze and His Silly Friends? You can listen to and purchase additional tracks from The Best Day Ever at via CDBaby and iTunes. You can also stay in touch with Baze and his Silly Friends through Facebook and Twitter.

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