View These: “I Found You” & “Too Dirty To Love” – Caspar Babypants


Caspar Babypants has a new record out called I Found You, which also happens to be Caspar’s sixth release in just 3 years.  Much like the other Caspar Babypants albums, this one does not disappoint.

Below are two new videos from the album which will surely whet your appetite for more.  And, it just so happens that tracks from I Found You can be sampled and purchased from Caspar Babypants’ official site.

The first video is for the title track, “I Found You,” and features lots of funny little creatures.  Each piece is unique with lots of character, much like the song itself.

[“I Found You” – Caspar Babypants via YouTube]

The second video is for one of my favorite songs on the album. “Too Dirty to Love” features animation by Charlotte Blacker (Stompy the Bear) and additional vocals by Rachel Flotard.  As the parent of a little girl who happens to love the mud just as much as it loves her, I can proudly say that this video hits home!

“Too Dirty To Love” – Caspar Babypants via YouTube]

View This: Caspar Babypants – Stompy the Bear

casparbabypants5YAY!  Another Caspar video!!  Watching Caspar’s videos is like eye candy.  They are always so creative and fun and I can’t seem to take my eyes off of them.  It’s a pleasure to present to you “Stompy the Bear” off of the new album, “Hot Dog.” Caspar enlisted the help of Charlotte Blacker, a prize-winning animation artist.

Get ready to stomp yer feet to it!

Source You Tube