View This: Caspar Babypants – The Frogs

Two Plush Two Productions brings us another adorable video for one of my favorite Caspar songs “The Frogs” (although that’s not saying much because so many of Caspar’s songs fall under the category of “my favorite”).  This video features a singing bear and, you guessed it, frogs!  It’s lots of fun and reminds me of Sugar Smacks cereal but without the cavities and sugar induced hysteria that usually occurs after a little one consumes the teensiest big of sugar.

Two Plush Two is a video production company specializing in storytelling through the eyes of stuffed animals.  The videos are quirky, funny and adorable.

To date, they have produced 3 Caspar Babypants videos in addition to “The Frogs” which include “Baby’s Getting Up” and “Light It Up.”  They have also done interpretations of Cake’s “The Distance” and Men At Work’s “Who Can It Be Now.”

Enjoy! [Courtesy of YouTube]