Watch This: “Just Not Me” – The Hipwaders (Video World Premiere)

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I am proud to present the video world premiere for “Just Not Me” by Bay Area kindie rockers, The Hipwaders.

What you will love about it: Like their songs, The Hipwaders create stellar videos, with high-quality animation that is engaging and relatable. These guys make excellent music and have serious fun while doing it. The band’s ability to be humorous and totally real (which is what our family absolutely loves about them) is in full effect here. Animated by Will Guy of Goopymart (, “Just Not Me” *depicts one kid’s protest against parental behests – in the name of free will! – complete with all-too-familiar body language, i.e. a bewildered/disapproving look, unattractive facial expressions, and the classic folded-arm refusal accompanied by a series of firm “no, no, nos,” and a qualifying “That’s just not me.

(*Warning: visual representations of a child’s inner thoughts ahead)

“Just Not Me,” is a song for all seasons, but can also certainly apply to the holidays. With the madness of travel plans, variety of uncommon foods, and influx of grown-ups vying for just one more smile for the camera (or smartphone), it can be hard to maintain order and sanity. I even find myself wanting to disobey my own rules.

Does this video resonate with you?

As the parent of a spirited 6-year-old, I really related to many of the situations in this video! Though I try not to, I sometimes make requests that threaten my daughter’s autonomy, i.e. wearing a jacket when it’s cold out (and by cold I mean your breath is billowing like smoke from a chimney), taking a bath, or using dinner as an excuse to interrupt playtime. If my daughter were to choose a motto, “just not me” would be it, followed by Sinatra’s famous declaration, “I did it my way.” With this in mind, I found myself laughing out loud while watching this video.

Want to learn more? Of course you do! “Just Not Me” can be found on The Hipwaders’ recently released album, Year Round Sounds. You can purchase the single and the album from Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby.

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Check It Out: Gaia She Knows b/w Here Comes Peter Cottontail – The Hipwaders

The single has taken on many forms over the years. From 45’s to cassettes, singles had their place in the music marketplace. I still remember rushing out to the store, eager to get my hands on the latest colorful cardboard bound cassette. One song on each side or a new song on one side and an extended or remixed version on the other.

Over the years, the novelty of a single release has worn off a bit, however, there are still some artists that enjoy cranking them out. And boy am I glad! Bay Area kindie rock trio, The Hipwaders, recently released a CD bundle containing some great new tracks that celebrate the upcoming Spring season.

Gaia She Knows b/w Here Comes Peter Cottontail is a CD bundle that contains three songs: “Gaia She Knows,” “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” and the extended version of “Gaia She Knows.” The CD is packaged up with vibrant cover art by the talented Brian Clarke.

artworks-000043195888-mym1og-t200x200“Here Comes Peter Cottontail”

Just in time for Easter, The Hipwaders deliver a swingin’ rendition of Gene Autry’s classic, “Peter Cottontail.” “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” is the perfect companion for your Easter related activities. This bouncy “tail” is filled with rockabilly style that will make you want to kick off your shoes and do a little (sock) hopping of your own. Always upbeat, the Hipwaders deliver straight rockin’ grooves while introducing us to one of the coolest bunnies in town as he hip hip hoppa hippa hip hip hop’s down the bunny trail. Get your Easter baskets ready, kids!

You can listen to the song via the SoundCloud widget below.

226936_10151490438215708_1350393429_n“Gaia She Knows”

Whereas the aforementioned single has an uptempo arrangement, “Gaia She Knows,” is a slowed down, groovier sort of tune with an endearing backstory and inspiring message. In fact, the song came about when a six year-old girl named Gaia who, according to The Hipwaders, approached lead singer Tito Uquilles after a show and “wanted to know if The Hipwaders had any songs about saving the earth and/or not using pesticides. Apparently, she had just attended a school assembly for Earth Day and was interested in the topic. Tito thought the idea of a young girl named Gaia (named after The Earth Goddess!) wanting to save the planet was too good of an idea to pass up.”

The song features soft vocals by Uquilles in accompaniment with some strings and pedal steel guitar accents giving the song a nice pop/country blend. “Gaia She Knows” is the perfect companion for Earth Day and a wonderful way to talk with your kids about conscious, green living. In fact, upon hearing this song, my 4 year old decided that she wanted to go home and “clean up the streets to help the planet right now!” Which, we did. I love being inspired by music and through their thoughtful lyrics, The Hipwaders provide a forum for families to work together. Although this song should be played for all ages, the lyrics will most likely resonate among ages 4/5 and up.

You can hear samples from the entire album as well as purchase the tracks digitally via The Hipwaders official site.