View This: “2nd Grade Show” – Tim and the Space Cadets


Tim and the Space Cadets are back with a video for “2nd Grade Show,” a track from their upcoming full-length debut, Anthems for Adventure, set to release on January 29th, 2013.

“2nd Grade Show,” like its über-catchy predecessor, “Superhero,” is a vibrant pop track with a snappy chorus.  While the video for “Superhero” was very exciting, the production value for “2nd Grade Show” is phenomenal.  I really don’t know what is more awesome; the fact that the song is about a kid owning his part as a tree or the fact that a 2nd grade class is reenacting scenes from the TV show LOST.  I love how the song was translated in such an unexpected way; subtle, but in each case the tree is a striking part of the story.

For non-LOST devotees, no worries, just watching the adorable cast is enough to get you hooked.

[2nd Grade Show – Courtesy of YouTube]