View This: “40 Things To Do In A Blackout” – The Pop Ups

I could really get used to these one-offs by The Pop Ups.  Although, I think this one deserves to be on a future album as well.  “40 Things To Do In A Blackout,”  is a new song to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Aside from benefitting victims of Sandy, I think we can all benefit from the activities suggested in this song.  So many of them are good for anytime you have a need to prevent yourself (and your kids) from going stir-crazy.  And, it’s especially timely as things like shorter days, darker playgrounds, double stuffed down jackets and golf umbrellas corner us into staying inside.

You can purchase the song through Amazon or by clicking on the link below.  All proceeds from the purchase of this song go to the Sandy relief effort and for $1 it’s more than worth it!