Story and Song time with Rainbow Beast and the Rock Band Land Rockers! featuring “Ice Girl”


It’s that time again! Last week was a crazy week which prevented me from posting my weekly Rock Band Land story. As a bonus, this feature also includes a corresponding song by Rainbow Beast and the Rock Band Land band the Serpent Swimmers.

Today’s story and song seems fitting, especially for those who were greeted by Old Man Winter this week.

Artist(s): Rainbow Beast and the Rock Band Land band the Serpent Swimmers.

Title: “Ice Girl”

What’s it all about? A superheroine! Ice cream! Lava!

“Ice Girl” tells the tale of a young girl who was trapped under a frozen lake for many years, and emerges with an amazing superpower. She commits her life to helping others and her power evolves.

Ready for the song? Be prepared to be rocked with sounds reminiscent of The Kinks, the Small Faces and the Animals. This song surrounds simple pop styling with copious amounts of fuzz and plenty of riffs.

“Ice Girl” is featured on Rainbow Beast’s debut children’s album Tales from the Monstrosity Scrolls. All the songs on the album were written in collaboration with elementary-school aged kids. You can listen to clips, as well as purchase the album through Bandcamp.

To learn more about Rainbow Beast and Rock Band Land, check out this interview with Brian Gorman, founder and co-director of Rock Band Land.

View This: “Superhero” – Tim and the Space Cadets

cupsIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…TATSC! Hmmm, that may not have translated as well as it did in my head. Nevertheless, TATSC stands for Tim and the Space Cadets and below is their video for the song “Superhero.”

The video contains all the right elements for a thrilling experience.  Not to mention that the song will prompt immediate dancing the moment you hear it, no matter where you are.

So don your best cape and superhero mask and get ready to fly!

[Courtesy of YouTube]