Singled Out: “I Wanna Be A Giraffe” – Andrew & Polly


I love when kids wear their dress up clothes in public like it’s just another day. The matter of fact way they own whatever identity they take on is so amazing to watch. Almost 7, and in first grade, my daughter doesn’t seek to dress up as much anymore, but she used to dress up all the time: The Hulk, a blue bird, a Bob Marley medical doctor mashup. And it didn’t matter if we were walking down the street, or going into a restaurant, library or post office. It was all the same. Playing dress up gives kids such an amazing outlet to explore their imaginations, expand their creative minds, and even connect a little more with their own feelings and emotions. In their latest single, “I wanna be a giraffe,” Andrew & Polly capture the essence of all of this.

“I wanna be a giraffe” was inspired by a beautiful photo of a giraffe camouflaged in front of a tree that Andrew & Polly found while doing research for Ear Snacks: Disguises. Check out the second photo in that link. See if you and your kids can find the giraffe. It’s pretty hard to find!

Polly adds: This song is sung by a giraffe – but also by us, obviously!  It’s a little absurd but we feel this way all the time.  At first, the giraffe is feeling awkward and exposed out on the savannah.  After trying out a few disguises, the giraffe realizes how much fun it is to try new things – we can imagine a great montage in which the giraffe stands in a dressing room trying on lots of different costumes while singing, “I wanna be something else!  I wanna be something else today!!!”

There are so many different ways to dress, so many different jobs and hobbies you could have, so many different ways to talk and think and look and feel.  The giraffe likes imagining all the possibilities – we do, too!  So the giraffe realizes – “I wanna be like you…  And I also kinda wanna be me, too.  There’s just so many ways to be – I wanna be a lot of things.”

Trying out the new things helps the giraffe realize – you don’t have to just be one thing.  And you can change whenever you want.  At the end of all that, it’s easy for the giraffe to say – “I…  I wanna be a giraffe!”

So grab your best dress-up clothes and get ready to sing-along!

Watch This: “Costume Party” – The Pop Ups

I recently read an article about childlike wonder. The author was talking about how curious and magical seeing the world through a child’s eyes can be. As a parent, I often feel as though I am experiencing the world with the same sense of novelty as my 5-year-old. When my daughter wants to immerse herself in an imaginary world, I can’t help but feel that I am an honored guest in what feels like reality, if only for a moment. Whether I am a chef serving her tasty fruits and vegetables or she is a fire chief saving my kitty from a tree, I always feel a particular sense of wonder as I explore familiar scenarios with a renewed perspective.

Getting dressed up has always been a child-enforced requirement for most of our play. Sometimes my daughter extends the fun and wears her costume to a park or a restaurant, even asking people to call her by her character’s name. Regardless of what she chooses, it never occurs to her that she might be wearing “boy” or “girl” specific clothing. She is just enjoying herself, and I often marvel at her uncanny ability to walk proudly out the door as though it is just another regular day with just another regular outfit on.

The Pop Ups’ new video for “Costume Party,” really captures the fact that dressing up is always a party regardless of gender or age. As the Brooklyn duo dons all kinds of outfits they capture the essence of childlike wonder while also reinforcing the notion that “no matter what you see ya know that me is me is me.” “Costume Party” was recently premiered on Huffington Post by Jeff Bogle from Out With The Kids with a wonderful reference to the story that inspired the song.

Those familiar with existing Pop Ups’ material will enjoy seeing some references, costumes and puppet characters from previous videos. For newer fans, follow the instructions by super saxophone puppet guy for additional viewing options.

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