View this: “Haircut” – The Not-Its!


This new video by Seattle band The Not-Its! makes me want both my Betamax and my MTV back. Only this Seattle quintet can make a totally rockin’ retro video feel in-fashion. “Haircut” is one of our favorite songs from their upcoming album, Raise Your Hand, due out July 15, 2014.

Who wants more Not-Its!? We do!

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Looking for ways to empower your kiddos this summer? The Not-Its! talk about KidQuakes in this interview. Learn more here.

View This: The Not-Its! – “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

Seattle’s gnarliest kid rockers, The Not-Its!, will be bringing a series of high-octane shows to the Bay Area on September 7 and 8 and that weekend just can’t get here soon enough! However, I will settle for a new video for “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” from their 2013 release, KidQuake!. Like previous videos, The Not-Its! deliver an energetic performance that bursts out at you. I particularly love how some of the kids on each team are holding electric guitars while cheering for their respective players. It’s little touches of character like that that reinforce the band’s ability to have fun while making music that rocks!

With lead singer Sarah Shannon at the helm, the crew gives this classic game of strategy a rock n’ roll revamp with a new dance called the Rock, Paper, Scissors dance. Wanna learn the moves? Check out the instructional video below, featuring Shannon, as she teaches you and your little rockers all the right moves.

Now, put your best rock n’ roll face on and dance it out!

You can view additional videos by The Not-It’s! here and here, as well as an album review of KidQuake! here.

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