View This: “Miss Elephant’s Gerald” – The Pop Ups

I’ve mentioned before that Fall is my favorite season but I should also mention that one of my favorite holidays is Halloween.  It could perhaps relate to the fact that my birthday is very close to Halloween, but either way I love it.  And, I’m enjoying watching my daughter get into it now as well.

One of our favorite kindie bands is The Pop Ups and the release of this track makes this month even more rewarding.  When I first heard “Miss Elephant’s Gerald,” I loved the play on words but I was curious to see just how this would play out in video.  Once again, The Pop Ups do not disappoint!

I honestly don’t know how to describe all of what’s going on in this video, but I know it’s highly entertaining and I laugh out loud each time I watch it.  Between the adorable little Elephant, the puppets and all sorts of comedic references (there’s a guy with giant thumbs playing the drums!) “Miss Elephant’s Gerald” is a pleasure for both parents and kids alike.

Below is a sample track with the link to purchase the song for just $1!  And while you’re at it, I would definitely recommend checking out their other stuff.