Read This: Loquat Rooftop picture book by Randy Kaplan

Fans of Randy Kaplan can now enjoy a 32-page picture book transcription of the song, “Loquat Rooftop,” which is featured on Kaplan’s album of the same name.  Loquat Rooftop, Kaplan’s first picture book, is brought to life with beautiful illustrations by producer Mike West.

Through his music, Kaplan has historically captivated young listeners with creative storytelling and a brilliant sense of humor so it makes perfect sense that he is now expanding into print.  Although the book is a literal transcription of the song itself, the story is just as engaging on its own and makes for a fun read.

Loquat Rooftop offers an opportunity to provide your child with knowledge about a “mysterious fruit” while expanding their vocabulary.  If you are not already the owner of the album, Kaplan is offering a CD + book bundle so that you can play the song while your child follows along with the book!   Already own the CD?  Purchase the book by itself.

LRSamples from the album are available through CDBaby, along with other highly popular singles like “The Ladybug Without Spots” and “No Nothing,” a story about a pet Monkey who was raised by ducks.
You can view clips of Randy singing “No Nothing” live through my concert re-cap post from last September.