View This: Cat Doorman Live – Oregon Public Broadcasting


Photo courtesy of OPB

The radio sounds a serenade that’s carrying us on
Surely it is my song 
Surely it is yours 
Surely it was made just for us all at once and all at once
Surely it is my poem surely it is yours
Let the meter move us, turn us, take us up and ever make us new…
-Cat Doorman

Those lyrics are from the song “Turn Around” from Cat Doorman Songbook, the debut children’s album by Portland’s Julianna Bright (known as Cat Doorman in the kindie world).  Between the eloquence with which Julianna Bright sings and the lyrics themselves, the song gives me chills every time I hear it.

I am so pleased to present to you some videos of Julianna and her band performing songs off of Cat Doorman Songbook, which just received a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award.  “Turn Around,” “Madame Claire” and “Whistling Song” are performed live from her living room and sound just as eloquent as they do on the record while Julianna delivers them ever so gracefully.  Her band does a stellar job accompanying her as well.

The videos were shot by Oregon Public Broadcasting as a feature in their Arts & Life section.

If you have not yet taken a listen to the The Cat Doorman Songbook, I highly recommend it.  The sounds and complexities of the songs provide an opportunity for children to connect with music on a deeper level with themes that relate to the earth, self-acceptence and love.  For more information, check out my review of the album, as well as view another video for “Inspiration,” a haunting track inspired by the birth of Julianna’s daughter.

Enjoy the videos below!

Turn Around by Cat Doorman from Cat Doorman on Vimeo.

Whistling Song by Cat Doorman from Cat Doorman on Vimeo.

Madame Claire by Cat Doorman from Cat Doorman on Vimeo.