View This: “Middle of Nowhere” – Elska

Elska-with-geysirElska is back with another video from her debut album, Middle of Nowhere.  “Midnight Sun” is all about the natural phenomenon that occurs during the summertime in arctic places like Iceland.  The live action video was shot on location, which means that all the gorgeous colors surrounding Elska are truly how they appear at midnight.  I particularly love how the midnight sun casts a golden glow on her face.  Simply gorgeous.

[Video courtesy of islandofelska via YouTube]

View This: “Don’t Make Fun Of The Goobler” – Elska

“Yes, another Elska music video!” This is what was exclaimed by my 3yr old as I showed her the latest video from Elska’s release Middle of Nowhere.

Directed and animated by Alex Funke, who was awarded Oscars for his work in The Lord of the Rings movies as the Visual Effects Director of Photography: Miniature Unit, “Don’t Make Fun of the Goobler” introduces us to yet another one of the inhabitants on the Island of Elska.  The “Goobs,” is a happy little green fellow who is a very special friend to Elska as we are informed through her lyrics “my little green homeslice, the goobs is so nice.”  And we think so too.

Middle of Nowhere was an instant hit with Em and we still continue to play it on a regular basis.  Elska brings us so much joy and with each new music video we get more excited to meet new friends.  Although the video is simple, mainly featuring Elska, gorgeous Icelandic landscaping and the Goobler, it’s the mixture of the bouncy electro-beats and the colorful wonder of this “otherworld” that continues to draw us in.

We’ve got nuttin’ but love for the Goobs and so will you!  You can read an interview and learn more about Elska and her friends here.

[Courtesy of YouTube]

View This: “Arctic Fox” – Elska

We are currently going through the stage in my daughter’s life where she is afraid of the dark.  So, before she goes to bed, we talk about things that are colorful and bring joy into her life.  Often times, it’s things like  ladybugs, rainbows, flowers, puppies, cookies, lollipops, you get the idea.  Recently, we purchased a wooden dog on wheels from Plan Toys that has been sleeping in her room at night.  We have also  been listening to Elska non-stop.  “Arctic Fox” is one of the songs that really resonates with her.  As a result, she has decided that her new friend is an “Arctic Dog” who will bring her good dreams.

“Arctic Fox,” the second video from Elska, provides us with another clue as to what happens on the Island of Elska.  The video is similar to Elska’s first release “Hiddi Hiddi” except we are introduced to the elusive Arctic Fox who sleeps on her head at night and brings good dreams.  Thanks to Andy Biddle‘s stop-motion animation, the Arctic Fox is brought to life and is just as cuddly as the song makes him out to be.

[Courtesy of YouTube]

View This: “Hiddi Hiddi” – Elska

From her upcoming (Sept. 4) album, Middle of Nowhere, Elska brings us “Hiddi Hiddi” which means “Hello.”

Curious, colorful, magical, Elska is from a little island where she enjoys fantastic dreams and pals around with a cute little green monster, The Goobler, who grows all of his food in a geothermally heated hydroponic greenhouse. I could go on, but why take up any more of your time when you should be enjoying this quirky, playful video. And by the way, should we ever find life on other planets, I sure hope they look and sound like Elska and her pals. Or, perhaps we should take a little break and spend more time on the Island of Elska. I’m game!

[Courtesy of YouTube]