FREE Download: Summer 2013 Rockin’ Kindie Road Trip Playlist

Summer is a comin’ and having a soundtrack to go with it is an absolute must! The good news is that from now until June 1 you can download 13 rockin’ Kindie tracks for FREE. Normally, I would be wary of the number 13, but in this case I can honestly say 13 is a magic number!

Presented by BunchFamily and cleverly curated by Beth Benz-Claus, this list ebbs and flows like a fine mixtape (or digital playlist, in this case) should. You’ll find a variety of styles some of which include Americana, good ole Rock n’ Roll and even some Soul. Check the list and download now before time runs out!

“Wander Round the World” – Key Wilde and Mr Clarke from Pleased to Meet You
“Train Song” – Charlie Hope from I’m Me
“Outshining Nomads” – Dean Jones from When the World Was New
“Slow” – Trout Fishing in America from an unreleased album due out this summer.
“Hard Travelin'” – Alastair Moock (featuring The Okee Dokee Brothers) from an unreleased album due out this summer.
“She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” – Johnny Bregar from Putumayo Kids American Playground
“Honk Honk” – The Monkey Bunch from Power to the Little People
“My Green Kite” – Peter Himmelman from My Green Kite
“Let’s Skateboard” – The Not-Its! from KidQuake!
“Kilimanjaro” – Shine and the Moonbeams from unreleased album due out this summer
“Turn Around” – Cat Doorman from Cat Doorman Songbook
“Fruit Jar” – Justin Roberts from Pop Fly
“Down at the Sea Hotel” – The Secret Mountain

What We Like: October Playlists

Our home is constantly filled with music.  It keeps us sane and often helps ease us into our days and nights.  We have been listening to alot of great music lately, both old and new, and I thought I would start to share some of it with you on as much as possible.

Additionally, since naptime has become non-existent, we’ve really been trying to take some “quiet time” in the middle of the day.  Music is a major part of making that happen.  Chilled out music = chilled out toddler which = chilled out mommy.

So, this week I am publishing 2 playlists.  The first is called October Fun Part 1 containing lots of fun jams that are useful for really anytime that is not “quiet time,” at least in our house.  The second one is called October Slow Jams which is a bunch of slower songs perfect for anytime of day that calls for a little unwinding (or easing into if you haven’t had your morning pick-me-up yet).

So, without further adieu, I present to you October Fun Part 1 (the first list turned out to be really big so this month might have more than one list) and  October Slow Jams.   You will find a mix of songs both old and new in this playlist.  Also please note that if an artist is not on Spotify, they won’t appear in the playlist.  Feel free to listen to the playlists as they are ordered or on shuffle or both.  Mix it up however you’d like.

I also urge you to visit each of these artists’ websites and either buy or download their music.  You can do that by simply clicking on the links next to each song below.

October Fun Part 1

Fanga Alafia – from Welcome to the Village, Aaron Nigel Smith’s first release with One World Chorus.  Proceeds from the sale of this album will benefit the Cura Orphanage in Kenya, Africa.
Bright Clear Day – Sarah Lee Guthrie and Family (Go Waggaloo)
Afraid of Heights – Harmonica Pocket (Apple Apple)
Sunshine – Vered (Good Morning My Love)
Eleanor The Elegant Elephant – Caspar Babypants (HOT DOG!)
In A Timeout Now – Randy Kaplan (Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie)
Germs – Ozomatli (OzoKidz)
I Am a Paleontologist – They Might Be Giants (Here Comes Science)
Make Me – Big Bang Boom (Because I Said So!)
Tickle Monster – Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys (Bubble Ride)
Green Beans Everywhere – Hullabaloo (Raise a Ruckus)
The Shark FighterSenorita Mariposa – Mister G (Chocolalala)
Sol Nal – Elena Moon Park (Rabbit Days and Dumplings)
15 tracks, 44 minutes

October Slow Jams

Bare Feet – Harmonica Pocket (Apple Apple)
Merry -Go-Round – Elizabeth Mitchell (Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie)
Mother Nature’s Son – Aaron Nigel Smith & One World Chorus (Welcome to the Village)
Underneath the Rainbow – Kira Willey (Kings & Queens of the Forest)
Even Bugs Are Sleeping – Caspar Babypants (HOT DOG!)
Time To Fly – Hot Peas ‘n Butter (Catchin’ Some Peazzz)
Goodnight Little Arlo (Goodnight Little Darlin’) – Charlie Hope (Keep Hope Machine Running: Songs of Woddy Guthrie)
Powder Blue Reprise – Renee and Jeremy (It’s A Big World)
Listen to the Horses – Raffi (Quiet Time)
Green Green Rocky Road – Randy Kaplan (Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie)
All the Pretty Little Horses – Laurie Berkner (Whaddya Think of That)
You and Me and a Bottle of Bubbles – Lunch Money (Original Friend)
Catch the Moon
 – Elizabeth Mitchell & Lisa Loeb (For the Kids Too)
Time – Johnny Bregar (My Neighborhood)
Sleep – Vered (Good Morning My Love)
15 tracks, 42 minutes

Check It Out: Charlie Hope – Songs, Stories and Friends: Let’s Go Play

Charlie Hope‘s third release, “Songs, Stories and Friends: Let’s Go Play”, comes at us again with some more charm.  This album, like her first album, “I’m Me,” combines familiar classics like a zany “Wheels on the Bus” and “Ants Go Marching,” as well as, lovely originals like “Best friends,” “One That I Love” and “Hot Air Balloon,” some of our family favorites.

Where “I’m Me” was a collection of songs, “Songs, Stories and Friends: Let’s Go” is broken up by some spoken word, cheerful verses like “Tiny Tim” and a story called The Bear Family, a tale about Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the city, as told by Charlie’s mom.

What I found interesting and unique about this album is that it was designed to be a story in and of itself.  The eighth track, aptly named, “Picnic Party,” welcomes us to play some games, sit on a blanket and share yummy snacks while enjoying music by Charlie and some friends.  The party starts out in the sunshine and, as such, you can hear kids playing in the background.  But then, it starts to rain (which you can hear at the end of the “Tiny Tim” track) and although that would promptly put an end to park fun, it is then that Charlie calls us over to the pavilion to stay dry.

While in the pavilion, we are entertained with a jazzy rendition of Robin In The Rain (which some of you may know from Raffi) and a duet with Caspar Babypants whose audible sloshing can be heard as though he is running through the puddles and mud in his froggy boots.  The two perform a duet of “Alouette” upon request from a little boy and the party is once again turned into some hand-clapping and foot-tapping fun.  The rain finally ends just in time for us to get in our boats and row along with “Row Row.” Hope wraps up with some soft melodies that once again feature her angelic voice encouraging us to remember the fun we had at our party and promising to see us again soon.

Charlie Hope once again provides a fun and interactive experience for kids and their families.  It’s a party you’ll want to attend over and over again.  I can especially see it as a companion for some car rides.  Recommended for the 0-5 crew for sure and it would probably even work for slightly bigger ones that are a year or two older.

Tracks from the album can be heard here.  Songs can also be previewed and downloaded here.

Check It Out: Charlie Hope – I’m Me

Want to fall in love? Perhaps that’s a presumptuous way to start a review about kids music, however, that is what happened when I first heard Charlie Hope.  Love, just love.  Her soft, enchanting voice instantly transports you to a place filled with flowers and sunshine.  In fact, you can even hear birds chirping throughout the album.

As a multi-award winning artist, the path that led her to success has been one filled with music, family and children. Hope earned a bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy With Children and has worked in preschools and privately as a nanny.  In fact, “Blue Balloon” and “Cowboy Boots” were inspired by a boy she was nannying for at the time the album was being written.

Hope’s approach to music is much like her education and experience.  “It’s Me” is filled with love and appreciation for who children are as individuals.  Imagination makes anything possible and is encouraged while listening to “I’m Me.”  The album is interactive and provides a comfortable platform for kids to express themselves in their best animal voices like in the title track “I’m Me,” move their bodies to the beat of a train in “Train Song,” drive a fire truck in “Fire Truck” and even blast off in a rocket ship to the moon in “Zoom Zoom.,” which provides an educational element as Hope counts backwards from 10 to 1 before the rocket takes off.

“I’m Me” contains familiar classics like a sweet-as-candy “Mr. Sun” (which some may recognize from Raffi), “Mulberry Bush” and “Pop Goes the Weasel, as well as, some wonderful originals which address relevant topics like the addition of a new baby and nap time all wrapped up in some catchy hooks that aim to deliver a positive message to little ears.

Parents should appreciate the “Frog Song” as Hope starts with 5 frogs and counts backwards to 1 frog while making up random things that the frogs are eating on their log (toast with jam, steamed carrots, edamame and applesauce).  Throughout the song, Hope is interrupted by kids pointing out that frogs don’t eat those things until they get to the last frog which correctly eats flies and the children then acknowledge that.  We like to turn it into a fun game and change up some of the food the frogs eat.  Although, to the 3yr old in our home, poop is apparently something hilarious that frogs like to eat. But that’s a whole other post.

With regard to Charlie Hope, there is something to be said about an artist who wholly understands how essential music is to our well-being and just how much it can educate and empower children.  “I’m Me” is a wonderful collection of songs that welcomes acceptance of who we we are while acknowledging the silly we all have inside of us.

While listening to Charlie’s sweet voice, I can’t help but be reminded of the quote “sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching and live like its heaven on earth.”

You can listen to the entire album here and download tracks here.  Below is a video for “Train Song” courtesy of You Tube but it is also featured on the main page of Charlie’s website.