View This: “Another Good Year” and “Dinosaur” by Lori Henriques


Lori Henriques and her brother, Joel Henriques of Made by Joel, put together an artful video for Lori’s new holiday track, “Another Good Year.” The video was filmed with Joel’s son and daughter drifting paper snowflakes around the screen. The slow movement of the snowflakes in combination with Lori’s bouncy piano and jazzy vocals creates a sense of joy and peace. And the DIY simplicity of this video will no doubt make you want to grab some scissors and start carving out a few snowflakes of your own. In anticipation of this crafty craving, Joel posted a how-to link on his blog which features easy snowflake making instructions for kids (and their grown-ups).

“Another Good Year” isn’t the first time that these two incredibly talented siblings have produced a masterpiece. Lori recently published a video, featuring live drawing by Joel, for her song “Dinosaur.” In this song, Lori’s voice has a certain tenderness that is simply heartwarming as she lovingly sings to the former free roaming reptile. “Dinosaur” is featured on Lori’s 2013 release, The World is a Curious Place, which is filled with curiosity and wonder. The album is available through Lori’s store, Amazon and iTunes.

You can learn more about the making of this video here, and grab templates to make your own Paper City Dinosaur set here

Bonus: Made by Joel provides instructions and templates on his website for a variety of art, craft and handmade education projects. The site is extremely user friendly with easy navigation that directs you to crafts broken down by age, as well as free printable activities. Music + art = happiness! Check it out!