Speak your mind! Free Download: Washington, D.C. by The Not-Its!


This year, my daughter Em has become more interested in the election process and political issues. We don’t talk a lot about politics at home. But at school the kids have been discussing it, so when it comes up we roll through Q&A with her.

Earlier this week we were visiting family and they put the Republican Presidential Debate on TV. Em was captivated. Unapologetically, she began to share her opinions with the room. “If I were President, I’d say…” and “If I had to make a rule about ______ I would say…” and “Why are they fighting over________?” and “Why can’t they see that health care is important and everyone should have it? We need to take care of people!”

Em also firmly believes that it’s time for a woman to be president; as a girl, she sees no limits on what she can accomplish. And, the fact that kids can’t vote disturbs her, which then only fuels her desire to run for student council one day to help “make rules that make school better for all students.”

Watching her get passionate and deliver her opinions with gusto makes me proud and motivates me to learn along with her. I want to satisfy her curiosity with more knowledge so that she can continue to form a point of view and her own beliefs.

What does all this have to do with music? Well, earlier this week, The Not-Its! released “Washington, D.C.” a single from their forthcoming album Are You Listening? (out this Friday, Feb. 19, 2016). This song rocks! I love that it taps into kid power. Kids want to have a voice, and when you let them speak their minds, they feel empowered. The Not-Its! totally get this and through their music they have found a way to encourage kids to be a part of the action. It’s punk to stand up for your rights!

Find your representative / Say what’s on your mind / You can let your voice be heard but you never have to tow the party line / Yeah just hold up your sign / Stand up for your rights / Gather with a scene / You wanna make a change / Rearrange in Washington, D.C. / Now you see what I mean / D.C. do you hear me / D.C. / Are you listening / D.C. / Are you tuned into me.
Download Washington, D.C. for FREE (expires Friday, Feb 19, 2016)

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