Dads Who Rock! Father’s Day Q&A featuring Alex Mitnick of Alex & the Kaleidescope

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PA-based kids’ musician, Alex Mitnick of Alex & the Kaleidescope, will soon welcome a second baby into his family. When Alex became a father for the first time with his son Miles (now 2-years-old), he was so overjoyed that he wrote an entire album, Love Songs for My Baby, which he released as a solo album in 2014, which is just so sweet and soothing. One thing I have always been fond of with Alex, whether solo or with his band, is his soothing voice, uplifting energy and the multi-cultural aspect of his sound.

Alex shares, “When living day to day with a baby one must master the art of letting go, and I think this is especially true for men. I am a busy person. I have big dreams that I am working hard to achieve. Nothing has ever stopped me or come in the way of getting my work done until now! And, I’ll admit, that can be a very difficult thing to do. I found myself struggling at first with being present with the baby when I had so much I wanted to do. That quickly faded however when I realized that whatever I was seeking in my work I would actually receive ten times over by being absolutely present and available to my son. Whether it was in the middle of the night or way early in the morning, he became my meditation, and the relief and joy that I experienced after coming to this realization was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Alex has since moved on to become the producer of his own TV program for children which takes kids around the world with clips filled with rich educational content, and music videos. A new Alex & the Kaleidoscope album, Get On Board, will be released on October 9, 2015. Keep up with Alex through his official site, Facebook, and Twitter to find out how you can get your hands on a copy of Get On Board. In the meantime, check out Alex’s music through his official site.

Get to know this Dad who rocks with some additional Father’s Day Q&A where Alex shares about how being a parent continues to inspire him, while also providing a successful path that continues to fuel his creative path. Also check out a sweet Father’s Day video for “Feelin’ Fine,” which was written in honor of Alex’s son, Miles.

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KCG: What does being a Dad mean to you?
AM: I have always felt deeply connected to children and to all that they represent in terms of our human potential. Their immense capacity to learn and absorb information, their honesty and ability to love both people and the world around them and the way that they truly live in the present moment at all times has been the inspiration for my work as an entertainer and teacher for my entire adult life. Becoming a Dad affirmed all of this and truly completed the circle of my life as a children’s artist. I believe more than ever that the best way to create a better world for us all is to lift our children up and to show them by example how truly amazing life can be. Let’s face it, life is really hard, but, every minute spent with my son is another chance to be positive, patient, loving, and fun and I am grateful for each and every one of those moments.

KCG: How has your work as a musician/artist been impacted by your role as a father? Also, if you are a touring musician, how does that affect the time you spend with your family?
AM: I’m now not only a producer of kid’s media but also a consumer and can see more than ever the value of truly high-quality experiences for my son.  As a consumer I am always looking for entertainment that balances stimulation and fun with intelligence and sensitivity to the developmental needs of children. I cannot help but to think about these things as I write new songs, perform live concerts and produce more episodes of my TV show.

So, now, as a parent, I am basically creating the music and video that I want my own children to consume. In terms of balancing the musician life with family life it is a challenge for sure but I am grateful for the support of my wife and extended family without whom I couldn’t keep working as hard as I do.

KCG: What are your plans for Father’s Day?
AM: I don’t have specific plans yet (at least none that I know of) but I’ll be very happy to turn off my phone, close my computer and spend the entire day with my wife and son doing something fun together as a family.

KCG: What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve had as a Dad?
AM: Wow. This is a hard question to answer with a single moment! My son is about two and a half now and witnessing the language explosion that is happening to him is truly amazing. It’s not so much the vocabulary itself but all of the little nuances and funny inflections of his voice that are clearly his own unique expressions. Watching him become his own little person is truly mind blowing.

KCG: How often to do you play music with your son? Does he perform with you?
AM: Every day! Whether it’s tapping on the steering wheel or having my son at one of my concerts or simply singing a few songs before bed music is a big part of our family’s everyday life. My son doesn’t perform with me but he loves to get on the mic during sound checks and sing songs! It’s hilarious. My opening act!

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