Video: “The Church Usher’s Dance” – The Uncle Devin Show

1324662933_TheUncleDevinD72aR06aP02ZL-Carter6a_mdmMaryland-based Devin Walker recently released a video for his single, “The Church Usher’s Dance.” Walker is the man behind The Uncle Devin Show, an interactive musical experience which he describes as a cross between Fat Albert and Schoolhouse Rock. I kinda love that description.

This video for “The Church Usher’s Dance” is classic in so many ways! Aside from the fact that it reminds me of some of my favorite 80’s hip hop videos (think Run DMC and Slick Rick in terms of sound), there is also a great message in here. Dancing is a great way to express yourself, but it can also be a pretty vulnerable way. As Walker teaches us a new dance thanks to 8-year-old Tre, he also reminds us that when you’re true to yourself anything is possible. Right on!

“The Church Usher’s Dance” is a single from Uncle Devin’s upcoming album, Be Yourself. Starting on June 4, 2015, it will only be available digitally. You can download four different versions i.e. 1) Short Version, 2) Extended Family Version, 3) Instrumental Version and 4) The March through iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and Google Music store.

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