World Premiere Video: “I Love You More” – Todd McHatton


Get ready for an epic battle…of love!


Today I am happy to premiere a new video by Todd McHatton. “I Love You More” features McHatton and his daughter Hazel going head-to-head in a playful exchange expressing just how much (and how much more) they love one another. The competition is fierce but in the end, they prove that love conquers all.


What You’ll Love About It: McHatton pours his heart into his work, much of which is inspired by his family. Originally written for Hazel, “I Love You More” marvelously expresses the swell of emotions felt between a parent and their child. Plus, the “I Love You More” game is a classic!

Often, at bedtime, Emily and I will play the same game. As we each throw out all kinds of impossibly giant ways that we love one another it always ends up with one of us saying, “I love you more than the whole wide world plus infinity.”

So forget the Valentine’s Day cards! All you need is this super video valentine to melt your sweetie’s heart.

Behind the Scenes: McHatton usually does all the illustrations, animation and production for his videos. This time, Hazel also contributed by doing the stop motion, the paper cut outs, the clay people and hearts.

Want to learn more? You can purchase the album through the shop on Todd’s official site. Leading up to the release of Super Audio Sunshine McHatton released a comic for every song, like the one you see at the top of this post. You can  find more comics at Todd’s official site.

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