National Fire Prevention Week: Watch videos by Recess Monkey and SteveSongs plus FREE app downloads!


Hearing a smoke alarm’s loud beeping makes me want to freeze, curl in a ball and cover my ears. My 5-year-old responds by repeatedly yelling “TURN IT OFF!” while unconsciously running as far away from the noise as fast as she can. Without a solid exit strategy, trying to remain calm in the face of an emergency can end up adding more stress! In honor of National Fire Prevention Week week (October 5, 2014 – October 11, 2014), both SteveSongs and Recess Monkey have teamed up with The National Fire Protection Association’s friendly mascot, Sparky the Fire Dog® to raise awareness about the importance of having a fire safety plan in place.

In “Little Rosalie” SteveSongs delivers four important steps kids should follow when they hear the beeping of the smoke alarms. For quick reference, they are:

1. Get up and walk don’t run, but you should walk briskly

2. Remember 2 know 2 ways out of every room

3. Get yourself outside quickly and

4. To your outside meeting place with your family

Recess Monkey trades in their Tambourine Submarine for Sparky’s flying smoke alarm in “What’s That Sound?” With some old skool “flare,” Drew Holloway dons a golden smoke alarm necklace, while delivering the fire safety 411 to kids with some funky dance moves. As a bonus, Recess Monkey recorded this song in five different genres. So, depending on your musical taste, you can listen to the song in Country, Funk, Latin, Rap, and Uke (short for Ukulele).

In addition to these two videos, The National Fire Protection Association’s friendly mascot, Sparky the Fire Dog®, kids, teachers, and families can have fun exploring the world of fire safety at, the “Sparky Schoolhouse” website, where apps, music videos, lesson plans, activity sheets, an e-book, and games for kids age 3 – 10 can be downloaded for FREE.

Sparky the Fire Dog® even has his own page filled with activities (smoke alarm hidden picture), and you can even  print out a smoke alarm calendar to remind you every month to test your smoke alarms.

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