World Premiere: Memories with Mr. Runklestunk (Ep. 1 – “Training Day”) – The Zing Zangs


Vancouver’s freshest kindie band, The Zing Zangs, is working on a full video-webseries called Memories with Mr. Runklestunk. “The show is about our band manager’s journey to success as he struggles to become the best band manager in the world,” explains Trevor, the band’s leader.

In the series’ first episode, “Training Day,” which features Bill Childs of the popular radio show “Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child” and Morgan Taylor of Gustafer Yellowgold, Mr. Runklestunk takes his first step towards success as Taylor schools him on exactly what it takes to be the best band manager of all time. It’s a nonsensical journey filled with humor that is sure to conjure up some laughs.

Memories with Mr. Runklestunk is another exciting step in The Zing Zangs’ career and one that makes complete sense as these two young lads are creative powerhouses. Creating playful experiences that engage children’s’ imaginations is what fuels The Zing Zangs’ work and Memories with Mr. Runklestunk is an intriguing beginning of what is yet to come.

Lookout for a few more webisodes on YouTube this summer. The Zing Zangs are also in the midst or producing a TV show (which they are filming themselves) and a new album called Get Up!.

You can learn more about the Zing Zangs by visiting their site, and through their interview with Mista Cookie Jar which was featured as a guest post here on Kids Can Groove.

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