Video: “Everything’s Free at the Library” & “Bossy E” – Mister G


Mister G is coming out with a new album on June 24 called The Bossy E. The album is literacy themed which is great for keeping up the momentum of learning during the “off-season.” Below are two videos from The Bossy E that will definitely get you hyped up for its release.

“Everything’s Free at the Library” is a funky song featuring Mister G’s smooth vocals and the talented Massamba Diop on the tama (“talking drum”). While I appreciate the song’s message, getting to watch these two play it live is fantastic. This video perfectly matches the spirit of Mister G’s music and live performances. You can’t help but be pulled in by the energy of it all. Plus, Massamba is such a master on that drum. Mesmerizing!


“The Bossy E” – I never noticed just how bossy this letter can be but the animation in this video sets the record straight. It’s also an interesting coincidence that this song just so happens to be the title track of the album. I’m not pointin’ fingers, but I’d be willing to bet that that mad E made a deal Mister G couldn’t refuse.

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