Check this Out: “My Daddy’s Record Collection” – Sugar Free Allstars


Yay! A new single by the Sugar Free Allstars. In honor of Record Store Day (April 19, 2014), this funky fresh band will be releasing their new single, “My Daddy’s Record Collection” on a shiny vinyl 45. Oh glorious vinyl!

As Chris “Boom” Wiser sings about spending time with family (a child and their dad in particular) and sharing a vinyl connection, I am reminded about my own childhood and how I too adored listening to my father’s LPs. We would sit and spin records for what seemed like hours and once that needle dropped, I sat back and reveled in the raw, authentic sounds of analog music while my dad shared all kinds of musical facts with me. Those experiences are exactly why my passion for all kinds of music still remains strong today. And what better way to enjoy music than with family.

Check out their lyric video below for their song “My Daddy’s Record Collection” and head on over to their official site where they are now offering the vinyl 45 for sale which features a deliciously groovy B-side called “Banana Pudding.” Check it out!

Purchases of the record will receive a free digital download card. For those without a record player, both songs will be available through the Sugar Free Allstars store, as well as iTunes.


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