Check this Out: Block Party – Poochamungas

eichejigPoochamungas is a Chicago based kindie band that makes music echoing the likes of “The Boss” (Bruce Springsteen), John Cougar, Jerry Lee Lewis and even some Elvis. On their second kindie album, Block Party, Poochamungas channel their rock n’ roll sensibilities to create a collection of songs that are all about family, music and fun!

John Joyce, lyricist for the band, writes songs that reminisce on memories from his own childhood, while capturing the delightful moments he experiences as a father. Many of the songs are sung in the first person, giving the album an overarching autobiographical feel. The lyrics form personal stories that depict the reflective thoughts of an adult, and the adventurous ones of a child. Joyce explains, “The title track, My Favorite Summer Day (Block Party) was a song that really took a journey for me. Block parties are such a city specific event. For kids, it’s like Christmas in July. We never had a block party on my street growing up, but we would visit a few that friends held every year. Lyrically [the song] was triggered by my own kids running around our yearly block party. Remembering how I loved block parties, and now seeing my own kids run around like I once did. So I wrote it in first person as a story of then and now.”

“Little Ballerina” is a spoken word poem that captures the bittersweet feelings parents have of wanting to hold on to a beautiful moment with their children, while at the same time realizing how fast they grow up. It’s a sweet poem from a father to his daughter and one that I can completely relate to as my own daughter just started Kindergarten. Where does the time go?!

We especially enjoyed “Refrigerator Box,” which captures the endless possibilities and wholesome fun to be had with a giant cardboard box and a little imagination. Lots of good ideas in this song! “Imagination Train,” is an awesome song with country and bluegrass influences. The lyrics will get you clapping and knee slapping as Anna Fermin‘s gorgeous voice emphatically calls listeners to “Take your ticket and get on board/ I’m the conductor, the engineer/ It’s the train in my imagination/ Destination anywhere.” The banjo and harmonica make excellent dancing partners in this song as well.

Block Party is an album filled with heart. With their straightforward musical style, Poochamungas delivers a solid set of tunes armed with the conviction that music is meant to by shared by all members of a community. In other words, their motto that good music knows no age speaks volumes here.

You can listen to digital samples, as well as purchase the album through CDBabyiTunes and our affiliate Amazon.

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