Songs for the season – Part 2

Happy holidays everyone! I previously published a post recommending some holiday albums that were worthy of bringing cheer to your ear(s). I also promised to post a Part 2 with the hope of getting it out before Christmas. And even though that day has come (where does the time go?) for many of us, there are others that are still celebrating. So, in the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas, other ongoing holiday celebrations, or to add even more joy to the season, below are a few more suggestions that we’ve been enjoying and know you will too.

bigbangboom4Big Bang BoomThe Holidays Are Here

Coming off their most recent release, Because I Said So, the North Carolina trio managed to whip up a batch of some original holiday tunes just in time for, well, the holidays! The 5-song EP contains all original tracks done in Big Bang Boom’s signature style which always carries an honest-to-goodness message or two worth a few smiles and giggles. Even though Christmas Day is here, it feels especially nice to be reminded that “the spirit of the holidays doesn’t have to happen once a year,” as the song “It’s the Holiday Season” suggests. It’s a short song that suggests activities like going ice skating, big hill sledding and sharing a meal as ways to keep up the momentum of the holiday spirit throughout the year. Even Santa gets his own theme song in “That’s Just Christmas,” a fiddle ridden funk hoedown number with a bit of soul. Yes, all of that! The Holidays Are Here is a great album to take with you throughout the year. You can listen to the album at Big Bang Boom’s official site and then download it along with their other albums at CDBaby.

81+Qxk2b7BL._AA300_The Jimmies
Mama Said Nog You Out

Mama Said Nog You Out is a 13-song collection of rockin’ holiday jams. Ashley Albert, the frontwoman and crafty songstress for The Jimmies, sings songs in the spirit of the entire holiday season. Each song has a ton of character with catchy hooks that will have you reciting lyrics well after your kids have gone to bed. In particular, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” a novelty back in the day, once again sounds fresh as it’s sung for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. There’s even a song for those that celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, dubbed “Chrismukaah.” I particularly enjoy listening to the light and fluffy sweetness of Albert’s voice in the dreamy sounding “It’s a Marshmallow World.” Heavily endorsed by the Fruitcake Defense League (as noted on the album’s cover), Mama Said Nog You Out is sure to fill you with all kinds of delight. Available for digital download through Amazon, as well as, other media retailers.

2181221030-1Todd McHatton – Christmas Songs

Todd McHatton, known for his psychedelic kindie pop, offers fans an ever-growing list of holiday tunes. The list was started in 2009 with a new song added in 2010 and 4 new songs added in 2011. This year’s track, “I Think I’m a Christmas Bunny,” is an adaptation of McHatton’s wildly popular single “I Think I’m a Bunny,” featuring Marvy Monstone (our favorite furry purple monster who thinks he’s a bunny). Although the majority of songs are related to Christmas, “Put The Star On Top,” mentions the fact that some people celebrate Hanukkah, as McHatton’s daughter informs Marvy while she is drawing a Menorah. McHatton’s gentle voice accompanied by thoughtful lyrics and groovy sounds brings lots of charm to this holiday mix. The 11-song collection can be sampled and purchased for $1.99 through the Bandcamp widget below.

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