View This: “America” – The Harmonica Pocket

With the debates coming to an end and Election Day quickly approaching, it can be overwhelming to get caught up in all the politics and weight of the decision making process.

Keeth Apgar of The Harmonica Pocket, brings us a timely video for the single “America,” originally released on July 4, 2012. The video, in conjunction with the song, illuminates the profundity of Apgar’s thoughts on the “state of affairs.”

Below you can share a few sentimental moments with Apgar by viewing the video for “America” and following along with lyrics below. You can also listen to and purchase the song through the Bandcamp widget below. While I would typically recommend The Harmonica Pocket’s music for the under 5 crowd, this one feels like it’s directed towards listeners above the age of 8.


America I love you
America where’d you go?
America you’re confused and lost
So won’t you please come home?

America your mountains
America your shining seas
America all your children
And your American dreams

America your people
America your dustbowl
America your trail of tears
And ghosts of buffalo

America your brown soils
America farms and fields
America your land is poison
I can’t wash you with these tears

America I am angry
America don’t lie to me
America how’d this happen
To the land of the free?

Your politician speeches
Your promises for change
There’s oil on your beaches
And radiation rain

I want to swim in your rivers
And breathe your fresh air
I want to drink your clean water
And plant flowers everywhere

America I miss you
America I need you now
America back on your feet again
Stand up strong and proud

America I am sorry
America this took so long
America to speak up and sing
This patriotic song

America I love you
America where’d you go?
America you’re confused and lost
So won’t you please come home?

Please come home.

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