View This: “Halloween” – Princess Katie and Racer Steve

NYC-based kid rockers Princess Katie and Racer Steve have a new video from their upcoming album Love, Cake and Monsters!  Appropriately timed and named for this time of year, “Halloween” runs like a short film.  It’s colorful and theatrical with a whole cast of characters including dancing skeletons.  The video is done exceptionally well and I particularly love the moving flashlights in the beginning.  The design and animation, done by Taili Wu and Shane McGill from Newspeak is excellent.

Adding to the spookiness of it all is a 53-piece orchestra from Macedonia singing along in the background.

I have to say that the song is catchy but the video is defiitely one I kept wanting more of.  It’s a great item for Halloween.  Definitely worth a look or two!

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