View This: essence – T-REXXXX!

essence-CD-Cover-Artwork2-486x486We had the pleasure of seeing essence perform this song at the Palo Alto Children’s Library during a Randy Kaplan show at the end of September. “T-Rexxxx,” a single from essence’s upcoming children’s album A Dog Named Moo, was a big hit with the audience and is still a hit with us at home.   “T-Rexxxx” is a great tune which you may just see in print sometime soon as essence is currently working on making it into a book (along with other songs from A Dog Named Moo).  I especially like the claymation by Steve Girard & Matt Christensen and the direction by Jennifer Steinman (director of the award-winning documentary Motherland).

Parents will get a kick out of this heroic dino-tale while their little ones, ages 2 and up, will enjoyrawrrrrrr-ing along with the biggest baddest beast that ever lived.

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