Check It Out: Sugar Free Allstars – Funky Fresh and Sugar Free

When my 3yr old brought out her Parum Drum kit and started slapping some serious skin, I knew we had just stumbled upon some great music. She even looked at me beforehand and said “now we are going to jam.” And we really did.

So, what can I say about the Sugar Free Allstars besides the fact that they bring the funk. Hard! Listening to this album makes you fist pump and head bob harder than you every thought you would listening to “kids music.” At least that is what happened to us. We couldn’t help ourselves and the body rock didn’t stop til the album was over!

The Sugar Free Allstars are an Oklahoma City duo made up of Chris “Boom!” Wiser (Hammond B-3 organ, lead vocals, saxophone) and Rob “Dr. Rock” Martin (drums, back-up vocals). Two guys, that’s it. Together they bring a dynamic mix of humor, energy and serious sound. Their sound is comprised of some New Orleans soul, funk, disco and rock the likes of which could probably be found at Jazzfest or even along Beale Street in Memphis. The addition of the organ and saxophone are much welcome guests to the party.

Starting from the resounding “Rock Awesome,” you are immediately pulled into participating in the whole experience that Funky Fresh and Sugar Free has to offer.

It’s hard to name which tracks are my favorite because it’s all so goooood!! After you finish “rocking awesome,” the album progresses into some funkier tracks, leading up to “SFA Disco Dance Party,” which starts off with Sir Groove-A-Tron luring you in with the incentive of getting all funky and learning some new dance moves “that you can do every day.” Yes, Sir!

“In My Pocket,” a particularly relatable song, talks about stashing treasures in your pocket, some of which include “a little green army man/ and a rubber ball/17 cents in change/ and that’s not all/some rocks I found in my backyard/and a marble or two/and a handful of play-doh/i like to mix yellow and blue.” I think most parents should be able to relate to the regular accumulation of random and most prized posessions.

Other great tracks include “6th Grade Band,” “Cars and Trucks,” “Obla-di, Obla-da,” and “Tiger in My Backyard.”

After participating in the call and response of the “Train Beat Song,” the album ends with an applause and a “Thank You, Goodnight, We Love You.”

But, it’s not just about the music with these two. There is humor, which is most evident in their lyrics, as well as their videos and photos. I especially love the applause and concert-like intro to “Rock Awesome,” as well as, the concluding applause after the “Train Beat Song.”

All wrapped up, it’s a delicious package that can be savored any time of day. I dig it.

Recommended, but with the volume turned way up!!!

Below you will find a selection of videos from SFA but I also wanted to include two collaborative efforts. “Cooperate”, a collaboration between Sugar Free Allstars and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is featured on “All About Bullies Big and Small”, the anti bullying compilation that just won the Grammy for Best Children’s Album!

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