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Check this Out: “My Daddy’s Record Collection” – Sugar Free Allstars


Yay! A new single by the Sugar Free Allstars. In honor of Record Store Day (April 19, 2014), this funky fresh band will be releasing their new single, “My Daddy’s Record Collection” on a shiny vinyl 45. Oh glorious vinyl!

As Chris “Boom” Wiser sings about spending time with family (a child and their dad in particular) and sharing a vinyl connection, I am reminded about my own childhood and how I too adored listening to my father’s LPs. We would sit and spin records for what seemed like hours and once that needle dropped, I sat back and reveled in the raw, authentic sounds of analog music while my dad shared all kinds of musical facts with me. Those experiences are exactly why my passion for all kinds of music still remains strong today. And what better way to enjoy music than with family.

Check out their lyric video below for their song “My Daddy’s Record Collection” and head on over to their official site where they are now offering the vinyl 45 for sale which features a deliciously groovy B-side called “Banana Pudding.” Check it out!

A free download of this song will be available through their site this Friday, April 18, 2014.


View This + Free Download: “No School Today” – Danny Weinkauf

Danny Weinkauf
will soon be unleashing his first solo children’s album. Who is Danny Weinkauf you ask? Excellent question! Weinkauf is the bassist for a swell little band by the name of They Might Be Giants (“TMBG”). He is also a Grammy winning songwriter and responsible for writing one of our favorite TMBG songs, “I Am A Paleontologist.” With the upcoming release of No School Today, Weinkauf will continue to entertain listeners with stellar songwriting that includes clever wordplay, interesting facts and a great sense of humor. The rockstar marsupials featured on the album cover up there should give you a good idea of what’s in store.

No School Today will be released on April 29, 2014, but you can enjoy the first video for the title track below, as well as a free download of the song through April 16, 2014 (simply enter your email in the widget below).

The video for “No School Today,” directed by the very talented high school student and artist, Ryan Hanrahan, cleverly depicts the lengths young’uns will go through to get out of just one day of school (even if you are a sock puppet!).

Parents of elementary school children, you will absolutely relate to the myriad of familiar excuses contained within this song and Danny wants to hear about it! Post your favorite/funniest “No School Today” excuses in the comments below to be shared with Mr. Weinkauf himself.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.39.39 AM

Want to hear more? Check out Weinkauf’s music page to sample songs from the album and learn about the inspiration behind them.


Check this out: Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke “Animal Alphabet” and new Mibblio mibblet

It’s National Reading Month and to celebrate Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke you can listen to a bit of their rockin’ song, “Animal Alphabet” from their highly acclaimed release, Pleased to Meet You.

Additionally, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke have paired up with Mibblio to produce an Animal Alphabet mibblet (Mibblio’s animated musical story book) for iPhones and the iPad

Through gorgeous illustrations and clever use of alliteration, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke’s “Animal Alphabet” sets in motion the foundation for language development and reading. Although there are many renditions of the alphabet song out there, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke quickly capture their audience’s attention with creative language like “…nautical narwhals nuzzling noses.” And thanks to Mibblio’s interactive musical interface, kids can jam along with the animal alphabet band, too. When we were done jammin’ with the band, Em and I made good use of the mibblet’s pause button to practice reading at our own pace while further admiring Key Wilde’s glorious artwork.

This is one artistically arranged animal alphabet adventure you won’t want to miss.

View This: World Premiere – “Five Sea Lions” by Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam


Do you know the difference between Sea Lions and Seals? I frequently get confused! Here in the Bay Area, there are a number of both. So when I holler out “Oh, look at that sea lion!” I almost always internally question whether it really is a sea lion or a seal. Now, thanks to Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam‘s groovy tune “Five Sea Lions,” I have regained confidence! With the premier of this playful video, Didner and the crew educate listeners on the differences between these sleek marine mammals.

As a bonus, “Five Sea Lions” doubles as a counting song which is always good fun for the youngest of listeners. Didner explains, “Pre-schoolers and toddlers are learning to count down from five, as they might with other songs like ‘Five Little Monkeys’ or ‘Five Freckled Frogs,’ while at the same time, grade schoolers are picking up a little marine biology and the differences between sea lions and seals. Later on in the song, we get into the reason for those differences.”

Didner and his wife Amy wrote the lyrics to this song as a gift for their now-three-year-old daughter based on the excitement of knowing that their local zoo, the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo, was to open a new sea lion exhibit. “This news touched on a fond memory we have of our first trip to California together, where the sea lions were playing and barking on the pier at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf,” Amy added. “We were inspired.”

“Five Sea Lions” is the Jungle Gym Jam’s third video from their debut album Everyone’s Invited! and the band’s first animated video thanks to Glen Biltz (known for his work directing multiple live-action and animated videos for award winning kindie band Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights).

Want to learn more? Read the story behind the song here.

You can sample and purchase this song along with the rest of the album via CDBaby. Downloads of Everyone’s Invited! are also available at iTunes Amazon MP3 | Google Play.


View This: “Call Me Mista Cookie Jar” – Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

Lately, C.J. Pizarro, i.e. Mista Cookie Jar, has been making his way ’round the kindisphere, contributing colorful lyrical stylings to various recordings like Todd and Cookie and Jazzy Ash, for example. And now he’s got some stock of his own to share. “Call Me Mista Cookie Jar” is the 10th official music video by Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips and the 5th video release from their album, “Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution.”

The video for “Call Me Mista Cookie Jar” contains lovely imagery thanks to the assistance of Mrs. Cookie Jar and their daughter, Miss Ava Flava. The project took just about a year to complete as the Cookie crew worked hard on the hand-drawn illustrations and placement of photographic and retro-style cut-outs that make this video so appealing. They even made their own paper and a Buster Keaton hat from scratch! When all the elements were in place, Pizarro began working on the visual effects including the silent film aspects and stop-motion animation. Their hard work definitely paid off here. In fact, I had to listen to the song a couple of times because I was so focused on all the awesome imagery!

Interesting tidbit: The song was originally written as answer for all the kids who have asked Pizarro why he calls himself Mista Cookie Jar. Now, those inquiring minds can check out Mista Cookie Jar’s Facebook Page which features the lyrics for “Call Me Mista Cookie Jar” and what “Mista” actually stands for.

Upcoming video premiere: “Five Sea Lions” – Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam


Stay tuned for the world premiere of “Five Sea Lions” by Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam starting Tuesday, March 18.

The endearing visuals, animated by Glen Biltz , reinforce the learning inherent in the lyrics:

“Five Sea Lions rolling on the pier
They look like seals but you can see their ears
One rolled off and then swam to shore
And four sea lions were left on board”

Here’s Jason announcing the premiere with some real sea lions in the background!

Skype with Roger Day + Check out Marsh Mud Madness (available in DVD and CD)


Roger Day is on the move! After last year’s successful releases of his Marsh Mud Madness DVD and CD, Day is now a Skype in the Classroom teacher. Day started teaching through Skype as a way to help kids who were stranded in an Alabama school during a bad winter storm. Shortly after Day offered to “visit” the kids (by posting a message on his Facebook page), he was contacted by teachers and immediately connected to the students via Skype. The students loved singing and playing along with Day, which served as a comforting distraction from the anxiety of being stuck without their families. Skype caught wind of what Day was doing and prominently featured him in a blog post . Day continues to use Skype as a means to provide instruction to kids around the country. Included in his 30-minute lesson, Day teaches the kids two songs, one of which is called “Mosquito Burrito,” a playful song from his DVD, Marsh Mud Madness. For those interested in exploring more of Day’s material I would absolutely recommend Marsh Mud Madness. Read on for full album review.

After spending 5 days exploring Sapelo Ilsand, a barrier island of Savannah, GA, Day began the production of his DVD Roger Day’s Marsh Mud Madness which was filmed live at the Savannah Music Festival and on location at the University of Gerogia Marine Institute. As a compliment to the DVD, Day subsequently released a CD, which contains the live recordings from the DVD plus studio versions of two songs.

Regardless of which type of media you choose for your listening experience you won’t be disappointed. Roger Day does an excellent job of transforming your speakers into an ecological romp as he introduces kids to the critters, creatures and plant life of the Savannah marshland. Prior to launching into the anthemic, “I Love To Study Mud,” Day engages his audience by proclaiming that he is here to talk about “slimy, gooey, mushy mud!” Once he has the audience’s attention, he instructs listeners to put on a sun hat and big boots and get ready to stomp in the mud. And let me tell you, with a little creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, stomping in invisible mud can be just as fun as stomping in the real thing. “I Love To Study Mud” will no doubt stick in your head, in a good way, as the song emphatically celebrates the satisfaction that comes from exploring mud in many ways. I particularly love how Day compares marsh mud to chocolate soup as he sings “you see marsh mud it’s like chocolate soup/ that you can smell from miles around

The beauty of Marsh Mud Madness is that it is interactive. Each song is associated with movement(s) helping listeners visualize what they are learning about. In many ways, Day’s enthusiasm and passion for exploration is akin to that of the Kratt brothers from the show, Wild Kratts, and Ms. Frizzle, the unique protagonist in the popular series The Magic School Bus. Similar to these shows, Marsh Mud Madness is full of scientific facts conveyed in an adventurous way.

What sweetens the experience even more is that Day is a talented musician with tons of charisma who has a natural ability to captivate an audience. By stomping along with Roger Day, whether you are watching at home or listening in the car, you will learn how to groove like the Fiddler Crab, move like a periwinkle snail, learn about the Ghost Crab and mimic the flushing of an estuary. You’ll even come across jumping dolphins! There is so much to love about Marsh Mud Madness, and it has been priceless to hear Em regurgitating facts to friends and family members about how the Ghost Crab is the cousin of the Fiddler Crab and how Alligators were almost extinct.

I am so glad there are two versions of this album because each one is equally gratifying. I would definitely recommend purchasing both together because once you hear the songs through the DVD, you will find yourself singing them randomly and then wishing you could crank them up in your car. You can sample and purchase tracks from Marsh Mud Madness via the Bandcamp widget below. The CD and DVD are also available for purchase through CDBaby.

Bonus: Teachers can access grade specific study guides here.


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