Video Repost: “Gaia She Knows” – The Hipwaders

226936_10151490438215708_1350393429_nAnother solid single from The Hipwaders‘ Year Round Sounds, Gaia She Knows,” is a breezy tune encouraging conscious, green living and protection of Mother Earth. Originally released as a single, this track was inspired by a six-year-old named Gaia (named after the Earth Goddess). Gaia approached lead singer Tito Uquillas after a show, asking if The Hipwaders had any songs about saving the planet or avoiding the use of pesticides. Intrigued by the irony of it all, Uquillas was moved to create a song in honor of his earth-conscious fan.

I originally premiered this video for “Gaia She Knows” in 2013, and I am happy to kick off this week (leading up to Earth Day and Arbor Day) by featuring it again. Thanks to the talent of Janet Davies (design) and Planet Sunday (animation), this inspiring story is brought to life. It’s a great song to start a conversation about the many ways we can think locally and act globally.

“Gaia She Knows” is available for download as and purchase through Amazon and iTunes.

Can you KaraOkee? Sing along with the Okee Dokee Brothers!


The Grammy winning (and 2-time Grammy nominated) adventure dudes have a present for all of their fans! The Okee Dokee Brothers recently produced KaraOkee videos for songs from their Grammy winning album Can You Canoe? and their recently Grammy nominated album Through the Woods. 

The KaraOkee versions of the videos feature the same HD footage from the Brothers’ Mississippi and Appalachian Trail adventures along with lyrics and a bouncing ball (or hat or tree or boots) to guide you along. It’s a lot of fun and a nice way for families to spend time singing along together.

So, can you KaraOkee?  Join the band and, as Joe and Justin say, “Don’t be afraid to sing out of tune!”

Below are some of our favorites. Be sure to visit The Okee Dokee Brothers’ YouTube page for more KaraOkee fun!

Watch This: Twinkle Time – Kidz Rock feat. Mista Cookie Jar

unnamed (1)

Los Angeles-based Twinkle Time and fellow SoCal artist Mista Cookie Jar join forces for a new song and video.

Together MCJ and Twinkle bring celebrity style and commercial production value to the screen with a little help from all-star producers Matthew Gerrard (Kelly Clarkson, Big Time Rush, High School Musical and Hannah Montana), Peter Amato (Miley Cyrus, LeAnn Rimes, Ricky Martin) and James Dallas, who has had had his songs placed on the George Lopez Show, Bring it On, The Bratz, and co-writes/produces with Twinkle for the “Bilingual Pop Music Show for KiDS, Twinkle Time!”

If we were teleported inside a disco snow globe, it wouldn’t be as much of a rush as what’s happening in this video. Kidz Rock is like a whirling, swirling, EDM, pop, hip-hop, confetti explosion!  Or, as lyrics say “This here’s a kidpaloooza  where the  music don’t stop.” Next stop: Disney channel!

“Kidz Rock” is the first single from Twinkle Time’s 3rd album due late summer/early fall, 2015.

You can listen to and purchase the single here.

8 Excellent Ways to Kick Off Your Weekend – Song + Video Digest

BBSS_142_Beats_03 As you head out for the weekend, take these tasty beats with you! Indulge in this collection of eye (and ear) candy.

“Smile” by Andy Roo and the Rooniverse from Color Your World!

“The Way We Gets Down” – Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

“Dog” – Big Block Singsong from Big Block Singsong Vol.1

Amazon | iTunes

“Beats” – Big Block Singsong from Big Block Singsong Vol.1

Amazon | iTunes


“Bicycle” – The Singing Lizard from Make Believe

Bandcamp | Amazon | iTunes

“Up All Night” – Caspar Babypants from Night Night!

CD Baby

“The National Tree of England” – Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly from Trees

iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp | CD Baby

“Just for You” – Caspar Babypants from Night Night!

CD Baby

Watch This: “Heebie Jeebies” – Jazzy Ash

Los Angeles-based musician Ashli Christoval, aka Jazzy Ash, brings us the first release from her forthcoming album, Bon Voyage. “Heebie Jeebies” was originally performed by Louis Armstrong, one of Ash’s idols.

Infused with her swinging New Orleans style, Ash revitalizes the ~90 year old song while honoring it’s original arrangement with the same big, brassy sounds. It’s delightful and I imagine Louis would be proud!

The video was filmed in The French Quarter of New Orleans. The black and white film sets the perfect scene for a rendition of such a classic song. Great stuff, and I am excited to hear more of what’s to come!

Support Jazzy Ash through her PledgeMusic Campaign! 4 days left and 97% funded!

World Premiere Video: “I Love You More” – Todd McHatton


Get ready for an epic battle…of love!


Today I am happy to premiere a new video by Todd McHatton. “I Love You More” features McHatton and his daughter Hazel going head-to-head in a playful exchange expressing just how much (and how much more) they love one another. The competition is fierce but in the end, they prove that love conquers all.


What You’ll Love About It: McHatton pours his heart into his work, much of which is inspired by his family. Originally written for Hazel, “I Love You More” marvelously expresses the swell of emotions felt between a parent and their child. Plus, the “I Love You More” game is a classic!

Often, at bedtime, Emily and I will play the same game. As we each throw out all kinds of impossibly giant ways that we love one another it always ends up with one of us saying, “I love you more than the whole wide world plus infinity.”

So forget the Valentine’s Day cards! All you need is this super video valentine to melt your sweetie’s heart.

Behind the Scenes: McHatton usually does all the illustrations, animation and production for his videos. This time, Hazel also contributed by doing the stop motion, the paper cut outs, the clay people and hearts.

Want to learn more? You can purchase the album through the shop on Todd’s official site. Leading up to the release of Super Audio Sunshine McHatton released a comic for every song, like the one you see at the top of this post. You can  find more comics at Todd’s official site.

Video: “Show More Love” – Jon Samson


Love is unity

Love is family

Love is friendship

Love is a furry companion

Love is playful

Love is music and singing

Love is expressing yourself

Love is in this video!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How are you and your family showing love?

Jon Samson is a producer, award-winning children’s musician and teaching artist. He will be playing a special show with the dazzling Lucy Kalantari this Sunday, February 15, 2015.

Click here to learn where they are playing and how you can win a ukulele! Plus, there wil be CHOCOLATE!